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PALMER, Humphrey ca1741-1807 Bacon, Marcy
PATRICK, Daniel 1772-1843 McClave, Susannah
PAUL, Elijah 1880-bef 1880 McDonald, Lucretia
PECK, Abel 1761-1851 Phinney, Diadama
PECK, Jathleel 1760-1838 Hyde, Olive
PECK, William 1759-1814 Spooner, Rebecca
PECOR, Joseph (b. 1820) 1820-Unknown Jacob, Clementine
PECOR, Joseph (b. 1841) 1841-Unknown Lamoureux, Florence
PENDERS, Henry ca 1833-1899 Healey, Bridget
PENDERS, John 1833-1918 Madigan, Ellen
PENDERS, Michael ca 1830-1900 Hickey, Johanna or Julia
PENDERS, Patrick ca 1843-1898 Hehir, Margaret
PENDERS, Thomas 1837-1915 Healey, Bridget
PIERCE, Asa 1800-1842 Willard, Susannah
PIERCE, Elijah Willard 1806-1835 Warner, Betsy
PIERCE, Hiram 1803-1875 Stiles, Lois
PIERCE, Hollis 1829-1875 Hill, Aurora
PIERCE, Thomas 1789-1857 Sanderson, Betsey
PINNEY, Alden 1825-1875 Timmerman, Elmeda C.
PORTER, Noah 1734-1825 Powers, Lois
POWELL, John Jason 1817-1879 Davis, Louisa Ann
POWERS, Frank (1) abt 1868/1873-1950 Wright, Lula S.
POWERS, Frank (2) abt 1868/1873-1950 Bowles, Bertha Belle

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