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MANN, John 1750-1849 Stratton, Persia
MANSFIELD, Abijah #1 1803-1867 Tuttle, Harriet
MANSFIELD, Abijah #2 1803-1867 Hillyard, Luenna
MANUEL, David ca1778-Unknown Corser, Susan
MANUEL, Wilder 1801-1869 Thompson, Harriet
MARBLE, John 1810-1881 Cobb, Hester
MATTHEWS, Ephraim Unknown-1813 Paige, Sarah
MATTHEWS, Francis 1799-1870 Aldrich, Roxena
MAY, John ca 1774-btw 1820-1830 Weston, Hannah
MAY, John 1820-1898 Bingham, Nellie Ellen
MAYNARD, Oliver 1897-1933 Bryant, Gladys Gertrude
McCORMACK, Michael 1887-1966 Ada Alice
McCULLOUGH, Fred ca1842-btw 1910-1917 Jennie S.
McDANIELS, Nathan N. 1818-1892 Richardson, Laura Ann
MEAD, Aaron 1795-ca 1855 Goodenow, Hassadiah
MEGALOGENIS, Issidoro "Cedric" 1895-1965 Simmons, Johanna Elizabeth
MILES, Deacon John 1773-1857 Crane, Mary Ann
MILES, John Fay 1820-1919 Boynton, Fidelia
MILES, Nathaniel 1794-1864 Bishop, Roxalana
MILLER, Elliot Henry 1879-1964 Hier, Mable
MINER, Thomas Eugene 1834-1906 Hall, Phoebe Ann
MORELL, Noah 1824-1894 Ball, Lucy Ann
MOREY, Benjamin 1810-1891 Collins, Emilene
MORGAN, Harry H 1825-1885 Jockow, Adelia

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