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BABBITT, James 1769-1800 Fay, Betsey
BALDWIN, Lorenzo G. 1823-Unknown Moore, Mary Elizabeth
BALDWIN, Nathan Gaylord 1767-1820 Chamberlain, Abigail
BALDWIN, Roderick 1801-1883 Lawrence, Lydia
BARNUM, Barnabas 1742-1778 Chelston, Hepsibah
BARNUM, Elihu 1767-1821 Barnum, Tamar
BARNUM, Jehiel 1718-1758 Berry, Mary
BARNUM, Russell Ebenezer I 1803-ca 1870 Palmer, Deborah Rose Ann
BARNUM, Russell Ebenezer II 1847-1909 Rolfe, Sarah M.
BENEDICT, Levi 1755-1803 Hurlburt, Hannah
BENNETT, A. Ethan 1859-1905 Taylor, Amy A.
BENNETT, Daniel 1802-aft 1870 Allen, Lorinda
BENNETT, John 1759-1836 Joslin, Sarah
BENNETT, John Jr. 1783-1858 Parker, Sarah
BENNETT, Leonard Edward 1833-1919 Peck, Anna Elizabeth
BESSEY, John 1794-Unknown Allen, Ruth
BLAKE, Carlos 1804-Unknown Baker, Diantha
BLAKE, George 1837-1899 Hollinsworth, Sarah
BLOOD, George 1851-1898 Cross, Alice Amelia
BOOMHOWER, Jacob 1794-1888 Schoolcraft, Orra
BOVIA, Joseph 1802/1804-1891 Strait, Kanalia
BREEN, Edward Owen ca1835-1917 Golden, Ellen
BRIGHAM, Dr Thomas S 1769-1844 Dana, Polly
BROWN, Stillman P. 1837-Unknown McFarland, Sarah J.
BRUCE, Elijah 1760-1835 Whitney, Abigail
BRUCE, Orison 1803-1869 Charter, Hannah
BRYANT, Clifton Jackson 1879-1950 Wells, Florence Gertrude
BURRITT, Andrew 1740-1836 Weller, Eunice
BURRITT, Tilly Weller 1776-1870 Orvis, Hannah
BUTTON, Arthur P. 1873-1952  

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