Progress Report for Site Reformat

My estimate of one year for completion was completely naive and inadequate; I didn't factor in life's interferences.

Aug 2017. A little over half of Texas is done and I am uploading M next with N and O ready to upload. At
this point, I'm adding new sheets often so the percentage method of tracking how far I have to go no longer
makes sense. (The total number is going up.) Over all, I have rebuilt about 12,000 pages, only 20,000 to go.

Jun 2017. H and I have been completed with several duplicates removed.

Apr 2017. I am uploading Gs in Texas and have H, I and J ready for converting and uploading.

As of Feb 2017, I have 68% of the sheets remaining. I will be starting Texas next, working on one letter at a time; it has the most text files.

As of Nov 2016, I am down to the last 16 states, the "busiest" ones, comprising 71% of the sheets.

As of Sep 2016, I have completed 24% of the groups sheets in 32 of 52 subdivisions and removed another 50 sheets.
In addition we have had a busy few months and have added 85 new sheets.
As of June 2016, I have completed 19% of the group sheets and 30 of 52 subdivisions for the site.
In addition, I have removed 210 duplicates.