GA Family Group Sheet for James Irving CALHOUN Family

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     James Irving CALHOUN  was born October 07, 1795 in Barnwell County, SC (A DAR App. states birthdate
11/11/1795), to Samuel "Big Sam" CALHOUN and Mary HARGROVES.  He married (1) Mary "Polly" McLEWRATH
December 24, 1820 in Orangeburg County, SC, daughter of Robert McLEWRATH, a Revolutionary Soldier, and Jane
SHIELDS.  She was born ca. 1785 in Barnwell County.  Polly died in Montgomery County, GA, after September 23,
1850.  He married (2) Elizabeth "Lizzie" COLLINS October 07, 1850 in Montgomery County, (Ray Roddy's file says
marriage date was February 18, 1864, which seems more likely), daughter of Ziba COLLINS and Flora FERGUSON. She
was born March 22, 1838, in Montgomery County.  James Irving died July 08, 1882, in Montgomery County, and was buried
in the Calhoun Cemetery near Tarrytown (from Old Louisville Road north of Vidalia, take Vance Road, turn left at first dirt
road). Lizzie died September 16, 1890, in Montgomery County and was buried in the Ferguson Cemetery.

James was a soldier of War of 1812, serving with William Cooper's South Carolina Militia. He received a pension from the government for his
service, beginning in January of 1879; he received $8.00 per month. James Irvin Calhoun moved to Montgomery County, GA, in 1837, ten years
after his brother, Burrell Rogers Calhoun. He lived near Tarrytown, Montgomery County, GA, where he owned a water mill, which he used for
sawing lumber and grinding corn for meal.

Children of James Irving CALHOUN and Mary "Polly" McLEWRATH are:

1. Dread CALHOUN, born before 1820.  No further information.

2. Mary Ann CALHOUN, born February 12, 1821, Barnwell County, SC.  She married her first-cousin, John Connoway
LADSON, October 21, 1844, Montgomery County, GA, son of William Francis LADSON and Charlotte McLEWRATH.
He was born December 25, 1813, in Barnwell County, SC.  Mary Ann died August 18, 1872, Montgomery County, and
was buried in Boiling Springs Church Cemetery; John died December 16, 1894, in Montgomery County, and was buried in the
Hamilton Cemetery.  Their children, all born in Montgomery County, were:

        1. Lucy M. LADSON, born July 10, 1845.  She married John GOFF October 24, 1872. Lucy died December 10,
    1918, in Montgomery County.  Their children were Effie, Pauline, Horace, Jesse E., and Wiley.

        2. James LADSON, born 1848.  No further information.

        3. Isaac Larrimore LADSON, born December 16, 1854.  He married Pinkey Grace Elizabeth CONNELL June 23,
        1874.  A daughter of William CONNELL and Pinkey C. MOSLEY, she was born June 5, 1858, in Montgomery
        County and died there June 22, 1917.  Isaac died July 7, 1941, in Moultrie, GA.  Their children were Brantley,
        Margaret "Maggie", George Macon, Brian Kee, Bianca, Minnie Pearl, John Elzie, Eva Leona, Nancy Cornelia, Ida
        Gertrude, William Basil, and Francis Colon.

3. John CALHOUN, born about 1822, Barnwell County, SC.  No further information.

4. Samuel Hargroves CALHOUN, born June 19, 1824, Barnwell County, SC.  He married Lucinda HAMILTON in
Montgomery County, GA, November 28, 1847.  She was born June 21,1826, in Montgomery County, a daughter of Josiah
HAMILTON and Mary "Polly" POOLE.  Lucinda died April 2, 1899, and Samuel died September 28, 1899, in Tarrytown,
Montgomery County; they were buried in Calhoun Cemetery in Tarrytown.  Their children, all born in Tarrytown, Montgomery
County, were:

        1. Mary Ann CALHOUN, born December 18, 1848, and died February 12, 1920, Tarrytown.  She married (1) Jordan
        S. PHILLIPS May 3, 1870.  A son of Daniel J. (nee SALTER) PHILLIPS and Lucinda YOUMANS, he was born
    January 21, 1850, and died February 11, 1894, Tarrytown. Their children were Lucinda, Lou Mattie, Louisa, Daniel
    Hartridge, and John Millard. She married (2) ____ BLOUNT after 1894.

        2. Martha Ann CALHOUN, born January 3, 1851, and died August 24, 1926, Tarrytown; never married.

        3. James Josiah "General" CALHOUN, born September 18, 1852, and died March 20, 1945, Reidsville, GA.  He
        married Teresa Ann WILLIAMSON May 18, 1876.  A daughter of Andrew Jackson WILLIAMSON and Lecy Ann
    MOORE, she was born May 2, 1852, Montgomery County, and died March 19, 1920, in Vidalia, Toombs County,
    GA.  Their children were Samuel Andrew, Charles Hyman, Theodosia, Steely, Judson, Frankie Ella, and Lewis.

        4. Samuel Hargroves CALHOUN, Jr., born May 17, 1854, and died April 8, 1898.  He married Martha Ann "Sis"
    KENT November 21, 1878, Montgomery County.  A daughter of William James Washington KENT and Martha
    Ann BECKWORTH, she was born August 18, 1859, Warren County, GA, and died October 4, 1932, Tarrytown.
    Their children were Augustus, Mary Alice, Nora Elizabeth, Mattie Oleen, Lonnie Dean, and Susie Ila.

        5. Charles Stringer CALHOUN, born March 8, 1856, and died July 15, 1932, Montgomery County.  He married (1)
        his first-cousin, Lucinda "Dolly" ADAMS April 27, 1878, Montgomery County.  A daughter of William Riley ADAMS
    and Mary R. "Polly" HAMILTON, she was born September 16, 1859, Montgomery County, and died April 14, 1900,
    Montgomery County.  Their children were Ida Lucinda, Sidney Stringer, Sophia, Lola Amantha, Anthony William,
    Charles Lemuel, Rodolphus Lee, Lillie Bell, Mamie Lucinda, Harvel (or Harvey) L., Clayton M., and Troy Jackson. He
    married (2) Addie LADSON October 8, 1905, Montgomery County, and they had a child who died in infancy.

        6. Clarissa CALHOUN, born January 4, 1858, and died January 22, 1950, Emanuel County, GA.  She married (as
    his second wife) Solomon R. WILLIAMSON July 9, 1878, Emanuel County.  A son of John WILLIAMSON and
    Elizabeth SULLIVAN, he was born October 17, 1823, in Emanuel County, and died in Emanuel County December
10, 1901.  Clarissa and Solomon were buried in the Solomon Williamson Cemetery near Oak Park, Emanuel County.
Their children were Solomon Roston, Delila, Horace Greeley, Sylvania, Grover Cleveland, General Euell, Manie, Gaston
Beauregard, Margaret "Maggie", and Clara.

        7. Lucinda Mamie CALHOUN, born November 30, 1859, and died September 24, 1919, Kibbee, Montgomery
        County.  She married her first-cousin, James Riley ADAMS March 25, 1877, Montgomery County.  A son of William
    Riley ADAMS and Mary R. "Polly" HAMILTON, he was born August 24, 1856, Montgomery County, and died
    November 9, 1944, Montgomery County.  Their children were Carlos Colquitt, Homer H., Viola L., Hattie L., Ina
    Melzina, Cornelia M., Lucinda Mary Ann, and Novel Victor.

        8. Benjamin Stewart "Benny" CALHOUN, born December 20, 1861, and died April 1, 1951, Emanuel County, GA.
    He married Mary Susan Frances KENT December 15, 1892.  A daughter of William James Washington KENT and
    Martha Ann BECKWORTH, she was born September 22, 1872, in Montgomery County, and died August 15, 1900,
in Glenwood, Wheeler County, GA.  Benny and Mary were buried in Glenwood City Cemetery.  Their children were
Adolphus, Onie, Benjamin Jurell, and Mary; Adolphus and Mary died at birth.

        9. Elizabeth "Betty" CALHOUN, born October 13, 1864, and died May 16, 1949, Tarrytown.  She married William
        Thomas DICKENS July 4, 1888, Montgomery County; he was born October 21, 1864, an ddied September 19, 1937,
        Tarrytown.  Their children were Clyde E., Patrick C., Vera, Bertha, Birdie, Cleo, Clara, and Villa.

        10. Vianna V. CALHOUN, born October 7, 1866, and died May 19, 1944, Montgomery County.  She married
    Needham Q. COOPER March 15, 1893, Montgomery County.  A son of George Washington COOPER and Zilpha
    TOLER, he was born June 29, 1858, and died September 10, 1931.  Their children were Guy, Atha, Cecil, Needham
L., and Roy.

        11. Viola L. CALHOUN, born 1868, and died 1936, Montgomery County.  She married Robert David "Bob"
        BEATTY February 20, 1889, Montgomery County; he was born 1868 in Laurens County, GA, and died 1941.  Their
    children were Frances, Leila, Anna Lou, Lillian, Otis, Wilma E., Benjamin Samuel, Mattie Mae, Robbie Lee, Robert
Eschol, and Bobbie Rae.

        12. (Son-name unknown) CALHOUN, born February-March 1870.  No further information.

5. Elizabeth CALHOUN, born about 1825, Barnwell County, SC.  No further information.

6. James Rufus CALHOUN, born May 09, 1826, Barnwell County, SC.  He married Mary Elen PHILLIPS May 5, 1853, in
Montgomery County, GA, daughter of Joseph PHILLIPS and Phoebe WILLIS; she was born January 12 ,1833 in
Montgomery County, and died January 12 ,1903, in Tarrytown.  James Rufus  fought for the Confederacy in Company H,
63rd Georgia Regiment.  He died January 03, 1910, in Tarrytown; they were buried in Calhoun Cemetery in Tarrytown.  Their
children, all born in Tarrytown, Montgomery County, were:

        1. Joseph S. (or C.) CALHOUN, born March 1, 1855, and died in Plant City, FL.  He married (1) Matilda Ann
    McCARTHEY about 1880; she was born November 9, 1860, and died March 20, 1895; they had a daughter named
Ophelia.  He married (2) Mary "Polly" GRAHAM July 23, 1890.  He married (3) Daisy REVIER December 18, 1904.

        2. John Bruce CALHOUN, born April 2, 1857, and died September 30, 1933, Soperton, Treutlen County, GA.  He
        married Lizzie COLEMAN June 1, 1893; she was born February 19, 1869, and died June 12, 1934.  Their children
        include R.B. and two daughters, names unknown.

        3. Francis Bartow (or Barton?) CALHOUN, born February 10, 1859, and died April 17, 1954, Jacksonville, FL.  He
    married (1) Emily E. CALHOUN June 3, 1880; she was born March 29, 1863, and died March 20, 1881.  He married
    (2) Mary Jane TRUETT in 1884; she was born Janaury 17, 1866, and died March 31, 1941, in Savannah, GA.  Their
children include Myrtie E., Thelma Vivian, Vallie, Hazel, and two daughters, names unknown.

        4. James D. (or I.) CALHOUN, born April 2, 1861, and died April 6, 1959, Soperton, GA.  He married Sarah J.
        PALMER March 17, 1896.  A daughter of William Tootle and Emma PALMER, she was born November 28, 1875,
        and died Mary 15, 1927.

        5. Francis Marion CALHOUN, born October 29, 1865, and died September 14, 1939, in Tarrytwon.  He married (1)
        Millie _____ about 1885; married (2) Flora _____ before 1891; married (3) Mattie COLEMAN February 8, 1891;
        she was born October 25, 1874, and died November 17, 1924.

        6. Queen Victoria CALHOUN, born April 15, 1869, and died October 20, 1876, Tarrytown.

        7. Major James "Bud" CALHOUN, born May 1, 1871, and died Mary 7, 1944, Waycross, GA.  He married Ella Jane
        BLOUNT December 12, 1901; she was born November 11, 1875, and died March 6, 1963, Waycross.  Their
        children include Oduy, Esther, James Franklin, Thomas Edward, Maggie Lee, Beulah, and Lois.

        8. Mary Ellen CALHOUN, born January 6, 1874, and died September 18, 1906.  She married George Virgil MASON
        February 24, 1896 (another researcher gives March 1); he was born October 13, 1874, and died May 20, 1936.

        9. Leander "Nat" CALHOUN, born June 12, 1875, and died February 15, 1958, Toombs County, GA.  He married
        (1) Emma HIERS; he married (2) Hortense SAPP April, 1900; she was born October 18, 1882, and died February 15,