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   In recent years, there has been a large movement toward novel or accurate spellings of names, both given and surnames. This was not so before the mid-1900s. It just wasn't all that important to a people who were more concerned with feeding their families. Be sure to look at alternate spellings of any name on this site.
   As of October 2017, Google will display security warnings for pages that contain FORMs and are not set up on secure servers. I have 53 search engines on this site and a search engine is a FORM. I don't intend to buy secure server space for the search engines or for the submission form. I'm sorry if this causes a problem for any of my contributors but the only personal information I ask is your name and email address and I don't believe that warrants secure server space.
   If you have a web site devoted to a particular county or state and would like to be notified when a new sheet is received for that location, send a note to Gina. Many states need a project manager, please consider volunteering; it's an excellent opportunity for college students or recent grads who need experience.

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